Winning over customers on social media: top tips

May 16, 2017 |

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Wondering where you can find up to 22% of the world’s population in the same place? If you guessed ‘on social media’, you’re right on the money. Using social media is no longer a nicety for businesses. In today’s competitive market, it is a necessity to keep up with peers and reach the 67% (and growing) of consumers that use social media for customer service related issues. First-time adopters can often find the transition into the digital communications world overwhelming, which is understandable given the number of platforms available, always shifting trends and potential backlash when accounts are improperly managed. To ease any fears, Primal Tribe has put together a few quick tips to help your business come out on top in the social media world!

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First things first: make sure you have a social media policy and that all employees abide by it

The best thing you can do before you even sign up for Facebook, Twitter, or any other platform is take the time to outline your objectives, how you plan to approach them, and what you do and don’t want to part of your online “voice”. The aftermath of social media “fails” isn’t pretty and such incidences should be entirely avoidable in the first place. Two tips to reduce risks are:

-Minimizing the number of people that have access to your accounts. Not every employee should have access, and those that do should be aware of your company’s expectations of online decorum. If you need someone to take over for the day because your team is indisposed, always take the time to go over guidelines in advance.

-Using a consistent voice across your platforms. While it’s great to make things feel a little more personal (more on that later), it’s important your branding is on the same page. Just like you train your employees to respond to complaints and inquiries with certain information on the sales floor, you’ll want to make sure they’re equipped before going out into the digital world.

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Get personal

If you’re able to cultivate a decent following, no doubt you’ll soon have customers and curious onlookers interacting with your brand. This is a fantastic opportunity to generate leads and foster relationships, so don’t miss out! Respond to tweets or tags mentioning your company. Praise creativity, and don’t be afraid to have conversations with those looking to connect.

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Use humor

Similar to the point above, humour is an excellent way to stand out from the crowd and leave a lasting impression with your followers. Share funny photos, joke with your customers, and don’t be afraid to mix things up!

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Show behind the scenes (but don’t forget to dress things up)

Showcase your expertise and products by sharing photos and “exclusive” videos of your team in action. The beauty of pulling back the curtain to provide a look behind the scenes is that no one expects things to be flawless; in fact, these days we crave the realness of knowing we’re talking to imperfect people that are passionate about what they do. One caveat, however: while you certainly want to be real and in the moment, take the time to evaluate your surroundings before you hit record. You want to make sure you’re still putting your best foot forward, and more importantly that any problematic background details aren’t detracting from your intended message.

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Meet your critics with kindness and knowledge

It’s a fact that not everyone is going to be a fan of their experience with your company. It’s also a fact in today’s market that people will frequently turn to social media to vent. While it’s worth noting that not every negative comment is worth a response, having a strategy to meet criticism with respect and quick solutions can significantly boost your reputation. Stay empathetic, calm (picking a fight means you’ve instantly lost), and help your customer feel empowered throughout the resolution process.

By keeping these tips in mind, you’ve taken your first steps to becoming a social media marketing pro for your business. To learn more and to find out how social media can be integrated into an overall digital marketing strategy, contact us today!


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