Why Social Listening Matters

Jun 08, 2017 |

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If you’ve read our piece on Winning Over Customers on Social Media, you know that interacting with your audience online is a crucial part of furthering your business. If you’ve done a good job of establishing yourself on social media, you’ll likely notice that responses can quickly add up. So, how do you stay on top your communication and make sure you don’t miss out on valuable opportunities? Social Listening is a crucial practice that can help you keep up. Learn more about what social listening involves, and how you can make sure you’ve got the right practices at work!

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What is Social Listening

At first glance, social listening may seem like a quick way to check in and see who’s tagging you in posts and resharing your content. While that may be part of the equation, the overall picture is much larger. If you’re only listening to one part of the conversation, you’re missing out on the chance to collect valuable information that gives both your sales and marketing departments a significant advantage. Social listening allows you to view and collect data about a wide variety of topics, all related to your business or product.

Why does it matter?

Information is power, and with over 2 billion social media accounts regularly engaging with the Facebook, Twitter, and Instasphere, there’s no shortage of ways to use knowledge to your advantage. As well as fostering better communication between your brand and your audience in the moment, each retweet, hashtag, and share give you the chance to refine your current understanding of your customers. By doing so, you make yourself more capable of meeting their needs in a faster, more memorable way. The only thing that moves faster than a New York Minute is a Social Media Minute (check out this great infographic from Smart Insights to see what happens every 60 seconds online); being prepared to respond to and shape the ever-evolving digital conversations will put you in front of competitors every time. When you’re in tune with feedback that your industry as a whole is receiving (including your direct competition), you’re empowered to be proactive and seize the right moments to stand out.

Lead Generation

One of the biggest benefits to a finely executed social listening strategy is the boost it can have for your lead generation. Again, by being in tune with the conversations at hand, your brand is equipped to address pain points that keep popping up and show why your company or product is the best fix. You’ll be able to foster potential customers along every stage of the buyer’s journey, significantly increasing your chance for conversion.

Social listening is a vital tool for any and all businesses online. To learn more about making it a part of your social media plan, or to improve your digital marketing strategy overall, give us a call today!

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