Why a Strong Marketing Mix is Essential for Any Business

Jun 14, 2017 |

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In the marketing world, we’re occasionally guilty of relying on industry jargon that can leave clients feeling confused and disconnected. There’s a common mindset of “it’s your job to know that, not mine”, which, if we're honest, is understandable. As marketers, it becomes our responsibility to push past these roadblocks and help our clients see what we do as a partnership, rather than a salesman pitching “fluff”. Ultimately, we rely on our passion, customer empathy and knowledge to help reshape the conversation and allow our clients to know that they are a crucial part of the process.

About five months ago, Primal Tribe launched a website for Emkade, a client that was an absolute delight to work with. Initially, the need to expedite traffic to the site wasn’t deemed as a priority. However, as months went by without much communication on either side, I realized that despite our best intentions, we hadn’t done a sufficient job explaining their current marketing mix (the combinations of factors used by a company to influence and interact with consumers), and how their website tied it all together. Needless to say, we reached out and set up a round-table with Emkade’s owners Dale Raddis and Trevor Lindberg.

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After chatting with Dale and Trevor to see what other marketing activities were in place outside of their new website, we were surprised to hear “…nothing.” Further probing uncovered that wasn’t entirely accurate, but that there was lots of confusion as to what constituted “marketing”. Emkade had quite a few resources at their disposal: trade shows, sales emails, print collateral and more. Unfortunately, these materials failed to drive traffic to their website and generate online conversion. Thus, a new solution-based strategy was born. The next phase would involve streamlining the buyer’s journey, by cleaning up their sales material and focusing on online traffic generation. With our help, Emkade has been able to concentrate their efforts in the right direction. As marketers, it’s that kind of education-based success that makes our jobs worth it! What do our clients have to say?

“I can see our team doing this exercise monthly as it’s essential to keep our digital marketing efforts in front of us at all times. With marketing changing so quickly, [Primal Tribe’s] process has shown us new tools available to us to raise awareness and build our brand.” – Dale Raddis, President, Emkade Distribution Inc.

Emkade’s situation is an occurrence we see all too frequently. It’s easy to forget to take the time to properly evaluate your full marketing mix. By doing so, you miss the opportunity to reverse engineer the next steps for your business to enhance your marketing’s ROI. Don’t make the mistake of forgoing the research phase of marketing development. Take the time to partner with professionals that can help you build customer personas and understand each client’s unique buying journey (hint, we can help!). With the right information in hand, you’ll see expedited and reliable returns.

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