Using the Internet & Online Marketing to Create Communities

Apr 17, 2017 |

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Building an online community can set your business apart by showing that you are engaged with, and listening to, your customers. Discover why it's so important to build an extensive online community and how your business can do it.

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Why is Community Building So Effective?

Inform Visitors: When you have built a community, you can conveniently and quickly distribute information about your business by posting on your website or social media channels. People can check one spot for news and always stay up-to-date.

People Relate to Your Business: People will get to know your brand through their exposure to your blogs, website and their ability to engage with your community. The goal is to build a reputation as a reliable authority in your industry.

Shorten the Sales Cycle: It's important that people find the information about products and services as quickly as possible. Sometimes the time between an inquiry and contact from a business can make the difference between a sale or your lead making a purchase from another business.

Use the Community as a Customer Support Tool: Many people use the internet to provide feedback about products, services, or their experience at your business. If you are tuned into your online community, you can use it as an effective customer service tool.

Now that you understand why an online community is so important, you will definitely want to begin building one. Primal Tribe has some advice and tips on how to attract people to your online space and keep them coming back.

How to Build an Online Community

Post Content to Give Consistent Information: Give a clear, consistent message to your online community.about your events, new products, services to ensure they can act on the information and there is no room for miscommunication.

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Use Social Media: Social media can inform and leverage the connections of people who join your circle. Post to your social media channels regularly and provide incentives for people to share your content that your business creates.

Have a Brand Message and Personality: To be compelling to your community on your website and social media, you need to develop a strong personality with a message and common values. You should always come across as authentic and not too "corporate".

Build Advocates, Not Just Numbers: You should never only consider the number of followers as an indication of the success of your community. You should attempt to delight and do all you can to cultivate relationships with people.

Be Useful and Avoid the Hard Sell: You need to create content that educates and informs customers and provides useful information and links. Don't work so hard to plug your own products or services, cultivate your image as an expert.

Primal Tribe has the knowledge and staff to help you build your online community. A fully managed web presence will take your business to new heights of convenience and efficiency with customer management.


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