The Rise of Interactive Content: Why Participation is Key to Success

May 31, 2017 |

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21 years have passed since Bill Gates correctly anticipated that content would be “King” online. This mentality has long since evolved from a saying to a mantra among industry leaders. These days, however, there’s a new addition on the block that’s quickly gaining traction. Content may be king, but interactive content wears a crown of its own. Learn more about this growing industry practice and make sure your message stands out by reading on!

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What is Interactive Content?

Interactive content is the marketing world’s way of acknowledging a shift in consumer mentality. Customers no longer want to feel like they’re being “sold” to. They want value upfront and to feel like they are an active part of the solution to their needs. So, how do you woo an audience increasingly bored with static advertising? You create the framework for an ongoing dialogue they can build with you. In short, you give them what they want: a chance to engage with your brand with the value displayed from the get-go. A few of the most popular forms of interactive content are:

  • Quizzes
  • Assessments
  • Calculators
  • Contests
  • Interactive infographics

Each of these methods gives the consumer a chance to actively input their information with the clear intent of receiving something immediately in return. By pulling the customer in and letting them “choose” to give their attention to your message, you’ve already distinguished yourself from the rest of the flood of information coming their way.

More than being more efficient at grabbing attention, the numbers are there to suggest that there are significant benefits to using interactive marketing. Such benefits include:

Increased Conversion

When you present options that directly address your audience’s needs and give them an opportunity to add their voice into the mix, people are far more likely to interact with whatever you’re offering. People crave the chance to compete, compare, and share their opinion by nature. Appealing to these instincts and including them as part of your customer’s journey means that your viewers are going to be more inclined to see your objective through to the end. Creating an active space for users makes it harder to click away and ups your odds of cultivating a genuine interest in your product.

Boosted Revenue

A more engaged audience translates directly to increased sales and revenue. Studies suggest that 81% of respondents agree that interactive content grabs (and keeps!) attention better than static material. If your audience is ignoring your message, your revenue is going to feel the strain of getting lost in the overwhelming amount of information the average internet user encounters each day. The only way to rise to the top of this Everest of online content is to make sure your material is fun, easy to engage with, and relevant. If you can master this trifecta of effectiveness, you’ll see the benefits quickly. The task then becomes a matter of maintenance. Luckily, marketing strategies that excel in interactivity also see

Heightened customer retention, word of mouth appeal, and repeat engagement

Remember Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign? For two summers, Coca-Cola switched their logo to include over a thousand common names as a way of directly interacting with their customers. The result? Nearly 100 million impressions on social media and over 150 million personalized bottles sold. These numbers are an indicator of the power of Coca-Cola’s titan-level brand, but they also carry an important lesson: interactive and personalized marketing pays off. When you capture your customer’s attention and activate their imagination, they’re more than happy to share your message with their peer group and extend your influence. Repeat engagement furthers your results, reactivating the customer journey and providing continued benefits for both buyers and businesses.

There’s little doubt that Interactive content is the new industry contender to keep an eye on. Don’t miss out on the chance to boost your brand with a lasting strategy that’s sure to keep you on top. Reach us today to find out more!


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