Social Media Listening Trends You Need to Hear

Do you have your ears attuned to social media? Are you using social listening to the best advantage of your business? Find out the newest trends in social media monitoring.


Social media is an undeniable force in online marketing. Currently, 2.2 billion people use social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. That doesn't even include smaller pieces of the pie such as Instagram, Pinterest, or SnapChat. If you discount social media as the realm of teenagers, you are missing out on marketing opportunities. Start listening carefully to your social media channels and see how it can improve your business and its reputation.

What is Social Media Monitoring / Listening?

Social media monitoring (or listening) means paying close attention to your business' social media channels for mentions of your company or brand; these can be posts that are positive or critical feedback. If you use social media, you will need a plan to interact with visitors and respond appropriately to comments they leave. Social media listening can make small businesses or large corporations feel more human by making the conversation two-sided

Why is Social Media Listening Important?

Social media listening can provide insight into the perceptions of prospects and customers. By developing a fully managed web presenceyou can obtain an idea of what type of customers you attract and why they use your products or service and why other customers avoid your business.

Your business can determine its strengths and continue to keep up the great work in areas where you excel. You avoid allocating money where you don't need to. You can also reward employees if they go above and beyond, and customers mention them on social media.

You can react to comments and obtain feedback for the improvement of your customer service or product. Maybe a customer has a strong idea on how a product or service can be modified. You can also keep an eye on the competition and what they are doing to attract customers.

You can engage directly with customers and open up a conversation. Don't let your social media channels go stale and only check it sporadically, if you don't use it, visitors will wonder why do you have an account on that site.

Sometimes feedback or comments from visitors can be seized and turned into an excellent opportunity to delight and impress customers. Social media can be your greatest promotional tool, use these chances to shine and blow a customer's mind with your attention to service.

Trends and Examples of Expert Social Media Listening:

  1. Growth of automation tools: Social media monitoring can be made simpler by using an automation tool that will analyze the effectiveness of your posts and alert you to mentions on various social media channels.
  2. Dedicated social listening staff: Many companies are discovering the value in having a dedicated person or team for social media marketing and listening. It enables a quick response time and specialized knowledge in how to optimize content for each channel.
  3. Utilization for customer service: Social media for customer service has exploded. Many people take to a company's Facebook or Twitter page for help, and they get it, sometimes with a more rapid response than companies that have dedicated support lines.
  4. Following prospects and customers: It is also becoming increasingly common for businesses to follow or add loyal customers to their network. Connecting with visitors can help the company correspond with them and provide them with details about new products, promotions, or events.

Some businesses have mastered the art of using social media listening to improve their relations with customers. Click here to see some impressive examples of exceptional customer engagement and service through social listening. 

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