Social Media Cheat Sheet: Which is Which

Jun 07, 2017 |

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Tweet, share, reblog, repeat. There’s no denying that Social Media is an active part of the consumer conscious. According to Nielsen’s 2016 Report, 37% of all consumers use social media to find out about products and services, and 32% use social media to receive exclusive offers, coupons, or other discounts from brands. If your business isn’t utilizing at least one of the major digital platforms, your ability to reach your customers and have your voice heard is significantly diminished. Don’t miss out on one of the most vital communications hubs for today’s marketplace; the time to adopt social media as part of your marketing mix is now! Study our quick cheat sheet for 3 of the top social media platforms below and learn how to get started.

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First Things First

Before delving into specifics, let’s take a second to acknowledge a particular pain/stress point for many businesses. Yes, there are a lot of different mediums out there, and yes, they all have a unique role to play. Take a deep breath and say this with me: I don’t need to become a social media superstar overnight. Feel better? Good!

The fact is, the best thing for your business, especially when adopting any new form of marketing, is to proceed with a careful plan in place. You don’t need to, nor should you, start using every social media platform to be useful in your scope. Conduct market research to compile personas for your customers (we can help with this). Using this information will allow you to decipher which social media types to focus on and enable you to build a plan from there.

With that little caveat out of the way, let’s take a closer look at three of the biggest social media contenders for businesses and what their unique attributes are.


If you’re one of the 1.86 billion (and counting) users that frequent Facebook you likely already know the impact it has had on the business landscape. Facebook is the largest social network and owns several other components such as Instagram, making it a solid contender for most businesses looking to reach their audience. With powerful analytics reporting, a leading source for information sharing and the ability to publish articles, Facebook offers a multitude of benefits to businesses. While the platform’s massive user base means you’ll likely need to plan to use paid advertising to extend your reach and get noticed, it also affords you the opportunity to carry more detailed conversations with your customers. Facebook is best utilized as an information hub, featuring important updates, announcements, etc. to drive audience engagement.


Short, sweet, and to the point. That’s the key to Twitter. If you’re looking for the ability to go viral and reach your audience right away, Twitter can be the perfect place to start. With over 500 million tweets sent each day, and over 80% of users accessing the site from their phone, Twitter users want their info quick and easy to digest. Pros of the service include being able to use tools like Buffer to schedule posts in advance, paid campaigns (similar to Facebook ads) to boost your post reach. You’ll also have the opportunity to take advantage of the 67% of consumers that use social media to answer questions and concerns. One thing to note is that the fast-paced nature of the platform means you’ll want to be prepared to post often and to slim down your message to the core points up front.


Where Facebook and Twitter may be king when it comes to reaching your traditional consumers, LinkedIn has a unique edge when it comes to reaching your B2B client. LinkedIn offers you a solid platform to connect with professionals, 40% of whom check the site at least once a day. With over 433 million registered users and 106 million unique visitors each month, LinkedIn has a vast pool to be reached. You’ll want to make sure your ‘tone’ adheres to the professional atmosphere of the site and that your information is tailored towards a more career focused audience. As with all social media platforms, focus on leading with connection building rather than self-advertising, and you’ll be surprised how quickly you pick up new leads.

While these three platforms certainly make waves in the social media world, they are by no means the end all be all for businesses looking to reach their client niche online. Primal Tribe is happy to help you build a marketing plan that focuses on the right social media platforms for your unique needs. Fill out our contact form today to learn more!

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