Primal Tribe Debunks 4 Misconceptions About Working with Non-Profits

Apr 29, 2016 |

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Your non-profit organization should be proud of the work you do! You have dedicated, altruistic staff that help the community in so many ways; but have you had a difficult time finding a web designer or digital marketing agency who will work with you? This may be because of some common misconceptions about non-profits that our often held by marketing agencies and designers. We at Primal Tribe recognize that this perspective is mistaken and that non-profits aren't such as risk, and make great partners. We are eager to work with these organizations and help them achieve their digital marketing goals. Here are just a few ways that we dispel these misconceptions here at Primal Tribe.


"Non-Profits Always Have Limited Budgets"

Many creative agencies may hold the view that non-profits have no money to invest in web design and digital marketing. That's not always the case! A lot of non-profits use their web presence and website as their main communications and marketing tool. They understand the necessity of having a modern website. For instance; they know that user experience can impact the amount of donations they receive through the website and are usually willing to spend money on digital marketing activities; if they are shown how it provides them value.

"Non-Profits Don't Need Marketing"

Some digital marketing agencies are under the impression that non-profits don't have marketing needs because they are in business to invest back into the community, not to accumulate money for the benefit of their stakeholders. The reality is that non-profits rarely have all of the funding they need to achieve the scope of their mandate. These organizations are particularly vulnerable to the fluctuations of the economy. Non-profits are like any other business, they need strategies to efficiently reach their ideal audience (personas), provide these people with information and gather donations. That’s where a digital marketing firm can help. All organizations struggle with communicating ideas, and at its heart that is what marketing excells at improving.


"Non-Profits Won't Spend Money on an Ongoing Basis"

All non-profits, especially the large organizations, have extensive marketing needs. Everyone is online these days and they need to engage the community through this medium. No one operates in a vacuum these days. Non-profit organizations need to keep their sites functional, current and frequently add new content so that their services, or messages are actually used by the community. They recognize the value of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and fresh content.


"Non-Profits May Alienate Other Clients if We Align Ourselves with Certain Causes"

Another concern that some agencies have about taking on non-profits is that certain causes may raise the eyebrows of other clients. Primal Tribe believes that in our business, it's important to keep an open mind. Non-profit organizations are diverse and serve a wide variety of social functions.

  • Social service agencies
  • Community projects and neighborhood organizations
  • Religious organizations/churches
  • Community theatre/playhouses
  • Private schools and academic organizations
  • After-school programs
  • Animal shelters
  • Shelters for the homeless
  • Political organizations
  • Food banks and other aid distribution organizations
  • Disease research and awareness raising groups

All of these organizations need digital marketing services and we can choose who we work with because the options are so varied. We live in an open and accepting culture, filled with diversity and a variety of valuable perspectives, and we feel the same way.

If you're a non-profit organization that has faced obstacles while finding a web design and digital marketing agency to partner with, contact Primal Tribe by phone at (780) 438-5766 or by e-mail We would be glad to work with you.


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