Prepare for an SEO Analysis of Your Website

Sep 21, 2016 |

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Modern websites are constantly changing. They need to keep up with the competition for attention on the internet. Search engine optimization can help a business get noticed by prospects when they are searching online. Many business owners want to become more involves in their SEO activities, and if that is something that appeals to you, here are five steps you should take to keep up with the dynamic world of search engine optimization.


Do you know what it takes to get your website onto the first page of search engine? The answer is effective search engine optimization (SEO). SEO activities are essential if you want to be found by online visitors. SEO does follow some basic guidelines, but it is also dynamic and requires regular engagement with the process for your website to stay up-to-date and relevant. It’s vital that business owners interact with their site and develop the basic skills and understand how to conduct some common SEO activities on your own.

Have Google Analytics Installed

Google Analytics is a sophisticated tool that you need to collect data and answer your most pressing questions about your visitors and their viewing habits. Having Analytics installed on your site is essential to your SEO activities. You should make Analytics your best friend and check it regularly, as it can help you answer the following questions about your site.

  • How many users have visited your site?
  • How many impressions did you obtain?
  • What is your site's bounce rate?
  • What is the click through rate for your website?
  • Is your traffic on an upward, downward, or plateau trend?
  • What are the demographics and interests of your prospects

Learn to Speak SEO

Did what we mentioned above sound like a foreign language? Every industry has its own specialized lingo and you should take the time to research terminology associated with search engine optimization to be able to properly analyze your analytics results. If you don't comprehend what you're looking at, it's just a bunch of data and numbers that mean nothing to you and it can't be utilized to improve traffic and drive sales.

Keep a Close Eye on the Results of Your Online Promotions

When your business decides to have a sale, promotion, or even send out an e-mailed newsletter; you should make annotations in Google Analytics on these days when your business makes a conscious effort to drive traffic. This will enable you to correlate traffic jumps to a specific day and you can determine if your marketing efforts are effective and causing an uptick in sales. Your goal should be to become more strategic about the types of promotions you offer and when to put them in front of your ideal customers. You want to get their attention when they will be most willing to buy.

Your Keywords Are Important, but Not the Whole Story

There was a time when SEO was equated with researching the keywords that customers use to find the category of your business (for example: oil changes, wedding dresses, coffee shops) and then making sure your written content was chaulked full of these words. The result was that people began to hate reading the content on websites! The writing was repetitive and irritating to the reader. Our advice is to never keyword stuff your content. You should have content that your visitors will enjoy reading. You should also carefully keep track of the keywords you are using and optimizing on your website. Make sure they are relevant to specific pages and the products or services displayed there. Remember that these keywords are not set in stone and you can experiment, switch it up and optimize for new words to target different customers.

Track Your Analytics over Time

If you have a new website and are new to the SEO world, you should be aware that your results won’t happen overnight. It does take time for your site to reveal any noticeable trends. You should keep track of the keywords you’re using and the pages where prospects stay the longest. You can gain insight into the products that attract your visitors and convert them into customers. This information will help you target your site more effectively and filter out irrelevant content. This will allow customers to easily navigate to products and content that interests them.

These actions can help you prepare to conduct and analysis of the SEO activities on your website. The process is extremely helpful if you intended to do the work yourself or hire a professional.


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