Personalized Email Marketing: Why Your Inbox First Impression Matters

May 24, 2017 |

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Feel like you’re always playing catch up to your email notifications? There’s a good reason why: email marketing still comes out on top when it comes to customer acquisition and conversion. In the age of customization, generic messages that lack a personal touch are no longer effective at achieving optimal returns. To elevate yourself above the constant flood of information reaching our inboxes, you need to make sure your content grips your audience right away. What does that look like in the land of email? Read on to find out more.

Have them at hello (the art of the subject line)

If you think about it, emails are like a first date: you’ve got a few seconds to make a lasting impression, and the best way to ensure you’ll have a chance at a follow up is to create a connection upfront. Using your customer’s first name (full names sound too impersonal, landing you back at square one) is the very basic first step towards creating a dynamic that compels a reader to open your message. When it comes to creating a gripping subject line and email copy, you’re going to want to have done your research to know how your audience ticks. Just like any other marketing campaign, analytics are your best friend. Find out how your audience thinks, speaks, and what kind of writing style is most likely to stand out to them. From there, you can craft witty, inspiring, and relevant messaging that peaks their interest. Email templates are an extremely useful tool that can help you maintain a consistent aesthetic and brand with ease, allowing you to come across as personal without burning your time. Automation programs like MailChimp and Drip can also assist you in monitoring the results of your email campaigns, allowing you to see exactly how many contacts are engaging with your emails, and which are landing DOA.

Once you’ve got them hooked, your next step is to make sure that your readers stay on the line and engage further. A few ways to ensure your customers find value in being a member of your mailing list are:

Make sure your calls to action are clear, and your landing pages match once they click through

No one likes vague emails with unclear objectives or purpose (hint: this is why the junk folder exists). Making sure that your calls-to-action are easy to identify and act on gives you a huge step up on hitting your target. The other half of the equation is taking the time to ensure that once someone does click on one of your CTAS, their experience is seamless. Mobile users are at the forefront of internet browsers these days, so it’s an absolute must that their landing page experience is on par with desktop users. Another point worth mentioning is to make sure that the landing page they arrive at directly lines up with the CTA. Instead of making browsers hunt for information, lead them right where they want to be. Positive first experiences make a user far more likely to take the time to browse through the website on their own opposed to being forced to by a poor design.

Encourage users to sign up/login once they arrive on your website

Converting your audience from anonymous browsers to known customers comes with several benefits towards personalizing your marketing. First, from a business perspective, you now have a better way to see exactly how many people are responding to individual email campaigns beyond just clicking through to your site, as well as where they frequent once they arrive. Second, using this information, in addition to other permission based data collected when they sign up, you are now able to create future content that is even more refined and tailored towards your audience. It can be tricky to deliver the right CTA that results in a sign-up or login, but the more you’re able to show your customers that their ‘voice’ matters to you, the stronger your brand will become in the long run.

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Reward your customers for signing up and reach out to inactive customers via exclusive content

It’s no secret that everyone likes to feel important, and one of the best ways to make sure your email subscribers feel valued is to treat them like the VIPS they are. Use your newsletters and updates as a venue to provide promotional codes, include content offers unique to your email list, or invitation to ‘members only’ events. Celebrate your customers and show that their support matters to you, and you’ll find that they’re far more likely to not just stick around, but spread the word to their friends and family. A carefully designed promotion plan can go a long way to boosting your customer retention, as well as wooing back customers whose interest has dropped off. Lead with value and watch the returns pour in.

Always run a litmus test before your campaign goes live

Ever sent an email and immediately realized you’d made a small error that you’d give anything to be able to take back? It’s not a pleasant experience, and regardless of how small the mistake may be, it won’t win you any favours with an audience that’s grown notoriously picky. Even if you’re using templates, having a second set of eyes view your content before it goes live can be a lifesaver. Chances are if your team finds it dull or unclear, your audience will as well. Avoid unnecessary headaches and take the time to go over things. It may take a little extra time, but you’ll always be glad you did!

Personalized email marketing is now the golden standard for reaching customers via inbox. It may take time to realign your strategy to gaurantee your customers have a customized experience, but it’s a worthwhile investment that boasts high rewards. If you’re looking to learn more about customizing your approach and establishing yourself as an industry leader with a rock solid marketing strategy, give us a call today!


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