Launch Announcement: Nagel Tours

Jun 09, 2017 |

website launch

Launch Announcement: Nagel Tours

At Primal Tribe, we’re passionate explorers of all things digital and web. For over 40 years, Nagel Tours has treated guests to a wide variety of tours all across North America and the world. Primal Tribe was proud to partner with our fellow adventurers, producing a user friendly website designed to meet the needs of their diverse clientele.

Why Social Listening Matters

Jun 08, 2017 |

social media

If you’ve read our piece on Winning Over Customers on Social Media, you know that interacting with your audience online is a crucial part of furthering your business. If you’ve done a good job of establishing yourself on social media, you’ll likely notice that responses can quickly add up. So, how do you stay on top your communication and make sure you don’t miss out on valuable opportunities? Social Listening is a crucial practice that can help you keep up. Learn more about what social listening involves, and how you can make sure you’ve got the right practices at work!

Social Media Cheat Sheet: Which is Which

Jun 07, 2017 |

social media

Tweet, share, reblog, repeat. There’s no denying that Social Media is an active part of the consumer conscious. According to Nielsen’s 2016 Report, 37% of all consumers use social media to find out about products and services, and 32% use social media to receive exclusive offers, coupons, or other discounts from brands. If your business isn’t utilizing at least one of the major digital platforms, your ability to reach your customers and have your voice heard is significantly diminished. Don’t miss out on one of the most vital communications hubs for today’s marketplace; the time to adopt social media as part of your marketing mix is now! Study our quick cheat sheet for 3 of the top social media platforms below and learn how to get started.

The Rise of Interactive Content: Why Participation is Key to Success

May 31, 2017 |

CTR, Content Writing

21 years have passed since Bill Gates correctly anticipated that content would be “King” online. This mentality has long since evolved from a saying to a mantra among industry leaders. These days, however, there’s a new addition on the block that’s quickly gaining traction. Content may be king, but interactive content wears a crown of its own. Learn more about this growing industry practice and make sure your message stands out by reading on!

Social Media Oh-No! Handling Negative Customer Feedback Online

There’s little doubt that a strong social media strategy has become one of the quickest ways to develop interest and generate viable leads for your business. Creating an open forum for conversations online can be one of the best ways to forge relationships with your customer base. At the same time, as most social media users know, it also opens the door for criticism to be voiced in a very public domain. Handling negative feedback on social media requires a delicate hand; one wrong response can turn into a PR disaster. At the same time, an excellent response turned into a memorable customer experience can make your brand an online hero. Read on to learn how your business can effectively respond to social media complaints confidently.

Personalized Email Marketing: Why Your Inbox First Impression Matters

May 24, 2017 |

email marketing

Feel like you’re always playing catch up to your email notifications? There’s a good reason why: email marketing still comes out on top when it comes to customer acquisition and conversion. In the age of customization, generic messages that lack a personal touch are no longer effective at achieving optimal returns. To elevate yourself above the constant flood of information reaching our inboxes, you need to make sure your content grips your audience right away. What does that look like in the land of email? Read on to find out more.


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