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Jun 13, 2017 |

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If you think the concept of putting your best foot forward only extends to how you dress and act in the ‘real’ world, think again. These days, the way you digitally “dress” or present your brand online can have a huge impact that makes or breaks you before you even tweet! Make sure your social media profiles are leading with the right impression by following our tips below:

A Brand by Any Other Name…

The number one rule to making sure you succeed on social media is ensuring you can easily be found. There’s no shortage of people online (Facebook boasts an estimated 1.94 billion users alone), meaning that it’s imperative that you make it simple for your audience to find you. Make sure your username sticks to the name of your business (i.e. @PrimalTribe) and avoids the use of unnecessary letters, numbers, or symbols. You want your branding to be clear and concise, and you want to make sure you can share your username name across multiple platforms. That way, whenever someone googles you, they’re more likely to be taken to your directly associated accounts with as little confusion as possible.

Use the Right Visuals

Making sure your online visual content lines up with your offline branding is the second key element to helping your company stand out from the crowd. Information paired with visuals is 65% more likely to be remembered, so you want to make sure the images you’re being associated with are the right ones. As a result, your profile pictures, or “avatars” should be of your company logo or an iteration aligned with your core branding (pssst, check out a quick sizing cheat sheet here). Just like your username, have each profile share the same photo so searching eyes quickly lock on and know that what they’re looking at.

Don’t Forgo the Bio

Even some of the best-known businesses opt to forgo filling out the bio section of their social media profiles. This is a mistake for two reasons:

  1. You lose the valuable opportunity to directly link to your website and actively direct traffic to your page.
  2. You lose the opportunity to stand out and distinguish yourself.

So, what do you put in your social media profile? Keep it simple, but try to check off the following boxes: Who are you? What do you do? Where you? How do I contact you? By no means do you have to write a novel, but by making sure these basic questions are covered, you’re well on your way.

Don’t forget to link to your website or your other profiles!

Remember how we said it’s important to link to your site in the point above? We weren’t kidding. Almost every social media platform will provide you with spaces to link through to your website and other social media accounts. Filling out these links takes seconds, but helps grow your online profile immensely. Take the time to foster a little cross promotion; you’ll thank yourself later!

By no means is this an exhaustive list of social media optimization. As these platforms grow and develop rapidly, staying on top of trends can be tricky, but worthwhile. Start yourself off on the right foot by following these basic first steps, and you’re sure to stand out!

Want to get ahead of the curve and master social media quickly? 

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