Launch Announcement: Scona Cycle Honda

Apr 28, 2017 |


Looking to tear up the pavement with a new set of wheels that are fast, sleek, and come from one of the top names in the motorcycle world? Are you itching to hit the trails with a brand new ATV, hit the water with a new boat engine, or make sure you get the most out of landscaping season with a new lawnmower or tiller? Scona Honda has you covered! Primal Tribe is proud to announce the launch of their all new website, catering to all things Honda.

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Riding Red Since ‘68

Scona Honda has been an Edmonton staple for nearly 50 year years. Since 1968, Scona’s family values and dedication to the Honda brand has been helping customers get the most out of riding season, as well offering outstanding products that meet a variety of needs. People come to Scona Honda for their community-based reputation, expertise, and eagerness to share their passion with the public. Simply put, they run red to their core, and they’re happy to show you why!

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How We Helped

As a major hub for Edmonton’s motorcycle community and a large supplier of Honda’s products, Scona Honda needed a website that served as an enticing “front door” for potential customers. Primal Tribe partnered with the business to ensure we created an adaptive design that put the company’s services, history, and core values front and centre. This included developing a customer product module that allowed us to properly showcase Scona Honda’s extensive inventory for both desktop and mobile users. The new site allows motorcycle and Honda enthusiasts to quickly find the information and products they’re looking for, all while browsing a slick design.

Learn more about Scona Honda and check out their impressive array of bikes, ATVS, generators and more by visiting their website.


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