Launch Announcement: Primal Tribe Launches Western Pressure Controls Website

Sep 29, 2016 |

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Primal Tribe is proud to launch the new Western Pressure Controls website to help them expand their reach to global markets.


On May 2, 2016, Primal Tribe launched Western Pressure Controls website to the world. This company has an international reach and we will help this company develop new markets and market their products to customers around the globe.

Bringing Respected Canadian Products to the International Market

The Western Pressure Controls website is meant to deliver Canadian-made wireline products to the world. The products made in Canada are so respected internationally, that customers specifically seek them out for their business. This site has a customized product module to give the client the capability of adding images and information about their products as they introduce them to the market.

Mobile Responsive Reaches Modern Customers

Primal Tribe discovered that large majority of Western Pressure's direct competition currently have a mobile responsive site. We also found that prospective and current customers use mobile devices to search for and look at their website. They unquestionably needed a custom, mobile website to succeed in reaching new leads and customers; along with providing the smoothest user experience for online visitors.

Primal Tribe's Work with Western Pressure Controls

As the main goal of this project, Primal Tribe updated this client's current DNN (DotNetNuke) website, as it needed some rejuvenation to bring it up to modern standards and improve its look and user experience. Our team also created a multilingual portal and helped arranged translation of written content into Spanish to reach this market in their preferred language.

Check out Western Pressure's website to see why their products are in demand around the world.

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