Launch Announcement: Primal Tribe Launches Manluk and Iracore Websites

Sep 23, 2016 |

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Primal Tribe is pleased to announce that in the month of March we launched two cutting-edge websites for Manluk Corporation and Iracore International. These websites really played to our strength of completing custom work for our clients and shows our capability to produce websites that "pick and click," template based agencies simply can't match.

If you asked the staff at Primal Tribe what sets us apart from other digital marketing agencies: we would answer that it's the custom nature of our work. We love to hear about the unique challenges that our clients are facing with their digital marketing efforts and finding creative solutions to make their website a more effective marketing tool. Two industrial leaders, Manluk Corporation and Iracore International, hired Primal Tribe to create websites that would overcome their hurdles to online success and their new websites were launched in March.


Manluk Corporation's Website Takes Flight With Drone Photography and Video

Manluk came to Primal Tribe with the concern that their online visitors weren't getting the big picture of what their company can actually do. They have customers from all over the world and not all of them can come into the facility, they simply place orders, receive product and never see the process. We came up with a plan to showcase the size of the facility, their advanced machinery and how clean of an operation they run. "Why don't we do aerial drone photography and video?," said our Project Manager, Nicholas Derk. This would welcome online visitors onto Manluk's manufacturing floor to have a look around.

The journey to the website that Manluk has today started off with a scouting day to determine the focus of the areas the drone would capture, determine camera angles and give guidance to the client on where we would be shooting (so the facility could look its best on the day of the shoot.) "Shooting the footage was a very systematic process," says Nicholas, "we followed the shot list we created on the scouting day and we spent our time moving around and catching the operators in action working on the machines." After we obtained the video and photos everything was edited and reviewed by the client. Our clients were also pleased that new images and video can be added or the existing media re-edited to their preferences and changing business needs.


Iracore International's Products Get Organized With a Customized Product Module

Iracore manufactures an impressive range of protective polymers such as rubber, polyurethane and neoprene for the oil and gas, aggregate, dredging, mining, power generation, and wastewater industries. This company needed a website that could showcase the visually interesting products they sell. Iracore commissioned professional photography of their colourful wares and this became the basis for a custom product module that we created for the client.

Primal Tribe's Programmer, Ray Wang, went to work to create a module that can filter and list Iracore's merchandise by industry, category, or by using the search bar. Ray says that "a challenge of creating this product module was that the information was not in the same format for each entry, as the products were so vastly different." This required some creative problem solving and custom work. Another great feature about Iracore's website is its flexibility. We can add and edit photos and descriptions of their products as needed and maintain a dynamic, up-to-date inventory for customers to browse.

If you would like to discover more details on these projects and other work we have completed, check out the following case studies to get to know us better. You can also give us a call at (780) 438-5766 or send us an e-mail to learn about what we do.


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