Many business owners experience sticker shock when they look into the investment for digital marketing and online advertising programs. It's understandable.

You know you can benefit from a high-quality mobile-friendly website, social media, SEO and other online elements by connecting to where customers are today. To do things right, you may be tying up capital needed to keep your business running in other areas. Some try to make do with half measures, spending here and there, worried about how the time and effort will pay itself back quickly. Not a good position to be in. Modern marketing has the most impact and value as a cumulative effort, tying together multiple mediums to build on their strengths. You don't need to break the bank, but you do need to invest enough to build a solid platform and give it time to grow and connect with your audience.

When it comes to physical assets like office machines, equipment and vehicles, leasing is an attractive option. This common practice is a popular alternative to purchasing an asset outright. It’s a process which allows you to generate the income that pays for the asset while you’re using it, your time and the profit to keep you in business.


With the rapid growth and importance of digital marketing, there's been a change in the banking mentality around online assets. No longer just for physical items, leasing is now being applied to intellectual property. “It allows us to be very flexible with our clients,” says Mitch Compri, principal of Primal Tribe Inc. “They must be in business at least three years, commit to a minimum of $10,000, and pay it back over two or three years. It works out to a manageable monthly payment which builds up a client's credit base while creating assets that expand their business: ecommerce, custom applications, recruitment tools and more. The benefits for clients are compelling on all fronts.”

The two- to three-year leasing payout is designed to fit in with your marketing cycle. A website and other online tools are depreciable assets (messaging, design, technology and functionality change over time), and you'll be ready for the next round of plans and expansion when your term is up. But you'll also know with your lease in place you'll always have the resources at hand to ensure your online presence is well maintained and positioned to perform.

Give us a call and we’ll go through the details with you.


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