How To Make Your Tourism Site Come Alive for Visitors

Apr 18, 2017 |


When people are planning their vacation, they could go anywhere in the world. You have to consider what will make your travel destination or package stand out from the plethora of tourism websites that online visitors can visit. The key to capturing their imagination is to make your site come alive and make it feel exciting, but also attainable for potential customers.

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Pictures sell travelling experiences to customers. Online visitors want to visually imagine themselves in the communities that they'll be travelling to. They want to see smiling faces engaging in activities that are offered on the trip they are considering. Your website needs to include clear, hi-resolution photos to engage them.



When you can get your hands on a video provided by an employee or customer, treat it like gold. Take the time to have it edited and posted on your website. Short snippets of video can be shareable and easily digestible to visitors who are researching travel destinations and tourism businesses for their next vacation.


Compelling Descriptions:

Your business should put a lot of effort and time into writing interesting and concise descriptions of the destinations and trip activities that are offered. You should include plenty of active verbs which elicit powerful imagery in the minds of visitors.


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Your website should continually add blogs about topics that relate to the activities and trips you offer. They don't all have to be promotional, but they need to be useful to customers looking for information and guidance on some aspect of researching and booking their trip.



Encourage customers to submit a review of their trip to you. You can gather this information by sending them an e-mail to follow up and get their feedback once they have returned from their vacation. It can help to really sell a visitorwhen they read about positive experiences and how much fun people have had on their holiday.

Primal Tribe can help to create a custom tourism website that will bring together all of the elements we discussed and make your tourism come alive for your online visitors.

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