How to Get Your Online Content Noticed

May 04, 2017 |

Content Writing

There is no disputing that the modern era is dominated by technology. There are countless websites on the Internet, and people are constantly barraged by content from newsletters, social media and blogs from all types of media outlets. The proliferation of online content is what makes it such an effective tactic for your business. Ignoring this facet of the modern marketing stack will mean missing out on one of the most powerful tools in your toolbox.

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But for your content to be a success, it needs to get noticed by people online. That means that people have to read it for it to have any bearing. It’s no use publishing blogs and pages of content on your website if nobody is taking the time to consume it. Which then begs the question: how can you make what you publish on your website, in your blogs, and on social media, get noticed amongst the blizzard of content already out there?

Below you’ll find a few easy tips that should help you get your content noticed.

  • Write for the reader. Make it a point to create your content as if you were addressing your target audience directly. It is crucial to make your readers feel as if you wrote the piece that they are reading with them in mind. This means adding a personal touch to everything that you publish online. If your content does not have an intent or purpose, then don’t bother writing it. Make sure that everything you put out there encourages the reader to take some sort of action.
  • Focus on being creative. The sheer volume of written content on the Internet means that yours needs to be at least above average to get noticed. Furthermore, there is no point in just regurgitating the same content that others have posted. That means you’ll need to get creative. Research what people want, put yourself in their shoes and write your material accordingly. If the subject matter isn’t terribly exciting, make it a point to write it in an enticing and thought provoking manner.
  • Understand your different channels. The tone and style of your content should differ depending on the platform that you are writing it for. For instance, blog articles that you write should be composed with an awareness of where you are going publish them. This even extends to social media, where they type of thing you post on LinkedIn is going to be very different from what you post on Instagram. In short, always be cognizant of the delivery method for your articles and blog posts.

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