How to Choose a Booking System For Your Tourism Website

The tourism industry is realizing that people want the efficiency and convenience of paying for their vacation online. Consider Primal Tribe's advice for choosing the right booking and payment system.

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Customers expect a lot from a tourism website. They want it to be informative, attractive, and above all, they want the convenience of booking online. There are a lot of e-commerce systems out there, and you may be wondering which one is right for your business. Here are some factors business owners need to consider when choosing an online booking system.

Integrate Seamlessly into Your Site:

Your booking system should integrate into your site and keep your company's branding prominently displayed. Look for booking systems that are "white labelled" and maintain the look of your site when people click to book. That way your customers can have a convenient and uninterrupted experience without being noticeably redirected to another site.

Easy to Update:

You should also look for a system that will make your life easier. It should be simple for you as a business owner to update content such as pricing, descriptions and add blog entries. You'll also want to be able to create activity packages for customers and make sure that the overall system is easy enough to update that you only have to edit one source.

Easy for Customers to Use: 

You want a booking system that is easy to navigate with an activities calendar and buttons and calls-to-action that direct your visitors through the process of booking their trip and activities. Ask for a demo of the system to discover how straightforward it is to use and if you can anticipate any difficulties your customers may have using it.


You don't want a system that is riddled with glitches, downtime, and lags that will result in billing errors and may require you to issue a refund to a disappointed customer, this frustrates users and won't help your business even if a system seems like the more affordable option; it may end up costing you more problems in the end if you don't do your research.

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Clear Pricing:

Choose systems that show the "all in" price to users. It can disappoint customers if they choose a vacation and then suddenly more money is added to the final price for taxes and fees. Show the true price upfront, and your users will appreciate the transparency.

Flexible Payment Options:

It's a smart move to offer your customers multiple payment options. Not all customers will have credit cards, and this will exclude them from making their purchase with your business. The option to pay with PayPal can be a great addition to your booking system.

Here are some examples of booking systems that are specially designed for tourism sites:

Primal Tribe create a new website for Banff Adventures, an adventure tourism business, and it has an integrated booking system that puts the power of payment back into the hands of our client and their online visitors.

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