How Effective Content Can Make Visitors Love or Hate Your Website

Oct 28, 2016 |

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Along with effective design, the written copy on your website needs to be top-notch. Here is Primal Tribe's advice on the factors that will make your content satisfying or irritating to visitors to a website.

We've all had the experience of being on websites and the written content is essential in evaluating the quality of a site. We know outstanding content when we read it. It is well-written, informative and updated regularly. On the other hand, we know poor content when we see it as well. Here are some tips on how you can avoid annoying content that will drive customers away and how to write great content that attracts them.


Annoying Content

What makes your content annoying for your visitors and prevents them from converting?

Immediate Pop-ups

A pop-up that asks visitors to sign-up before reading a word can be off-putting to many visitors. It may cause them to click the back button before they even see anything you have to offer.

Frequently repeating keywords or phrases

Repeating words and phrases in your content is called keyword stuffing and it can be obvious and irritating to readers. You want to avoid this practice and write in a way that is easily read by human readers.

No relevance or significance to your prospect

If your content offers no value or holds no interest to your customer, they will be more likely exit after reading only a fraction of the page; it will not encourage traffic and return visits to your site.

Poor quality images or video

If you have grainy, unfocused images or video, it will show unprofessionalism. It could promote the perception that your business doesn't put in enough thought or effort into their website and marketing.

Using overdone language or topics

Don't bore your reader with copied content, overused topics or tired vocabulary. Make an attempt to produce interesting material with various formats, voice and word choice.


Great Content

What will encourage visitors to come back to view more content on your site?

Catchy and relevant headlines

Titles can encourage people to click on your blog or content offer from your company. It should provide a quick overview of what the page will be about, while still capturing attention.

Discussion of problems and solutions

Write content that is useful and valuable to your prospects or customers. Acknowledge a problem they have and how your product or service can provide the solution.

Proper formatting

Any content on your website should be formatted for easy reading. Use bolded text for headlines and chunk the writing into digestible parts so that readers do not see a block of solid text.

Addition of images and video

The addition of images, diagrams, video can be a valuable augment to the written copy provide increased visual interest to a piece.

Provide links to more information

When you write on a topic, it's very useful to give prospects access to further information by providing links to more content that may interest them.

Primal Tribe can help you craft content that informs, starts a conversation and keeps your visitors coming back.



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