How Analytics Software Saves You Time & Money

Analytics software can save a business owner time and money and stretch their marketing budget. It gives them the power to tune into customer trends and  information about website usage patterns. 


Don't waste your time and marketing budget on ineffective campaigns! You need analytics software to guide your tasks and use data to back up your online marketing decisions. It can be a powerful tool to aid your website and online marketing.

Prevents Costly Design Mistakes

Analytics software can gather data and test the effectiveness of your web design before it goes live. You can combine it with A/B testing to compare features such as the site map, colour scheme, layout and images.

Targets the Best Time to Offer Promotions

Analytics software can track visitor conversions and determine the best times of year and optimal days to offer promotions or sales to your customers. You have a better chance of these events being successful if you can pinpoint the right time.

Identify Trends in Seasonal Traffic & Income

You can track the increases and decreases in traffic and sales to determine marketing strategies to even out dips in revenue. If your business has seasonal highs and lows, you can introduce promotions or products to attract customers during times of decreased traffic.

Target Your Content

Analytics can provide you with demographics information and affinities categories of your prospects and customers. Having this data can help you target the content and blogs on your website to ideal customers and encourage them to read your posts.

Helps Allocate Marketing Budget

Analytics can help you determine which customers are buying, what they are purchasing and if there are any gaps in your marketing. Information gives you the power to make educated decisions about where your money should be spent when you start a marketing project.

Identifies the Best Social Media Channels

This software can identify which social media channels are directing traffic to your site and which channels are popular with your customers. It can help you narrow down on which channels you should post regularly and stay active.

Helps You Make Decisions for Your Business

By using analytics data, you can determine if you can justify expanding your business to a new geographical market, if the launch of a new product or service will be successful with your customers, or if a current product is failing to bring in revenue.

If you aren't using analytics software, your website may not be giving you the best value. It's not enough to simply put up a website; it needs to be monitored and modified to meet the needs of your business and the user experience of your visitors. Analytics software can turn your website into an effective marketing tool.

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