There are so many ways to engage your customers today, which makes it easy for something to slip through the cracks in your modern marketing mix. So, are you missing out on something important? A surprising number of businesses today are doing just that. Some of your biggest competitors are not taking advantage of digital marketing’s most fundamental and successful strategies. Perhaps it’s time to take advantage of their mistake.

Focus is important. There are so many marketing opportunities today: targeting, online promotion, advertising, brand management, analytics, social media and on and on. It’s easy to get lost in it all. Where do you put your effort and time? In general, building on fundamentals first is almost always the best choice. Marketing fundamentals are extremely valuable because they amplify the value of other efforts. Here are three fundamentals that businesses neglect most often.



Personas are great tools for focusing your marketing efforts through a keener understanding of both what you want in a customer, and what they may want from you. Personas are fictional persons invented as a thought exercise to represent your ‘ideal’ customer. While these are not actual real people, they are constructed to have real names, jobs, families, needs and desires that are based on real people or the business environment. They can be used to focus your messaging, choose where to advertise or even what products to offer in the market. Large brands like Lululemon use Personas to inform their products and marketing. Lululemon is famously known for their target female persona name ‘Ocean’, and male counterpart ‘Duke’. But don’t think Personas are limited to international brands or even retail businesses. Creating a Persona is simple and low cost, so start today.



The statement “Content is King” is repeated over and over these days, and while it may be a bit cliché it surely doesn’t mean it’s not true. When we market our business, we begin by making a claim. A claim of value, or solution for a particular audience. This claim is ultimately validated in the customer’s actual experience with your business, but often enough we miss opportunities to even convey our claim clearly to our customers first. Today building content on a regular basis, as ads, articles, social posts, or public outreach, is one the best ways to present this claim clearly and build interest in your product. This is even more important as many of the main methods customers use to find your business are based on search engines. Search Engines are all currently built on content and context. This means that if you feed search engines with the right content and the right context, the engine will find and match the customers for you. Do you know where or when your next content will be produced? If not, then you need to develop a Content Schedule.

Don’t just take our word for it, Hootsuite, one of the premier social media management platforms, and based in Vancouver BC, has recently posted their own thoughts on the importance of Content Schedules for Social Media Platforms. ‘5 Reasons Why a Social Media Content Calendar is Important for Your Business’



Weather you use free tools like Google Analytics, or pay for comprehensive marketing analytics platforms like Adobe Marketing Cloud, their value has never been more relevant or clear than today. Yet very few business managers or marketing managers know how to use them or even check them regularly. There is no better way to refine your overall marketing mix than to understand how it fits. Studying traditional advertising effectiveness or in store customer experiences can be difficult and costly to collect relevant information. This is not the case with online data. If properly set up, you can have near real-time information on how your customers relate to your business online, and how this interconnects with their offline experiences. On a basic level, with very minimal training, managers can often find enough information to inform advertising effectiveness, test messaging or find potential new markets. On a more advanced level, this pool of information can launch new product ideas, help automate new communication funnels or improve the effectiveness of your service.

There is real value in learning these tools, and with many free and paid resources available, now is the easiest time to get started. There’s also no shame in getting some help from experts.Contact us to learn more about how we help our customers better integrate Analytics into their marketing mix.

So before you set your next event sponsorship, or pay for a big advertisement, ask yourself; am I doing these fundamentals first?


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