Content Marketing 2017: Emerging Trends

May 11, 2017 |

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The world of content marketing is an continuously growing playground. As technological advances provide more and more ways of connecting with consumers, content marketers strive to leverage the most modern methods to amplify their brand’s voice and reach. Three months into 2017, we’ve already seen some significant trends emerge. To stay on top of this year’s market, stay tuned to these industry frontrunners:

Visual content is growing faster than ever

It’s rare to find an article these days that isn’t accompanied by visual aids like photographs or infographics. Beyond increasing the aesthetics of your content, there’s significant evidence to suggest that pieces containing a visual element drive up to 94% more views. That’s a stat you can’t afford to miss out on! Graphics are no longer a nicety, but rather a necessity to keep up in the modern marketing world.

Multimedia is big

Much like photos and infographics, multimedia content has become a favoured standby for businesses looking to create a lasting impression -and connection- with their customer base. Gifs, videos, and even live broadcasting across multiple social media platforms have become the new way to capture attention and promote your brand. This field is undergoing rapid growth, making it an absolute must-watch (and must-use!).

Mobile brings it home

2016 was officially the year of the mobile renaissance. More internet users are now accessing the service via mobile than desktop. This means that it’s no longer a luxury to optimize your content and website for smartphone and tablet browsers. Google has even announced their intention to shift their ranking systems to focus on mobile searches. Simply put, if you’re not planning to reach your customers on mobile, you’re guaranteeing that you’ll miss out on a huge pool of prospective buyers.

The rise of micro-influencers

The days of spending hundreds of thousands of dollars for a single celebrity tweet may be on their way out. A steadily growing trend has seen brands shifting to so-called “micro-influencers”. What’s a micro-influencer? In many cases, they are individuals with a smaller (but still sizeable) following, deeply integrated into the community that a brand wishes to interact with. By investing in trusted influencers to represent their brand in sponsored posts, businesses not only save money, but they also create a narrative that seems more genuine and attainable. YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram are all popular platforms for this growing practice, and it’s worth keeping your eye on.

The year is still young, and content marketing is by no means a slow-moving industry. There’s no doubt that the remainder of the year is sure to bring continued innovation, and more than a few surprises. If you’re looking to up your content game and stand out, contact us today. Our team of experts can help you stay ahead of the pack!


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