Apr 16, 2015 |

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There's you. With your product or service. You've built it. They will come. You know it. And… crickets.

Well, it's probably not as bad as that, but connecting effectively with potential customers can be a daunting task if you haven't gone through the process before. Advertising, marketing and promotions can be costly to implement, and performance guarantees can evaporate quickly. You're no further ahead than when you started, soured by the experience, with fewer resources to try again.

The good news is that it doesn't have to be that way. The methods for finding audiences, engaging them effectively, spurring them to take the action you want, and developing loyalty are all common tasks in brand creation and marketing.

One person cannot contain all the expertise required to develop your brand and effectively promote it with a tangible return on your investment (ROI), especially in the digital world, but if you find one please tell us about them. We'll want to have them in for a talk.

More than likely, you'll draw upon a team of market researchers, brand creation specialists, designers, copywriters, developers and search engine optimization (SEO) experts all under the guidance of a project manager.

Long before any solutions are presented, they will learn your business and its unique benefits and challenges. They will help you define your potential audience by putting a face to it. What does your customer value? How do they prefer to be spoken to? Why do they come to you?

That last one: why do your customers come to you? It's not be as obvious as it appears to be. The first answer you might give is to buy your product or service. A transaction. But what they're truly coming to you for is fulfillment. Fulfillment of a need. For their own reasons they've determined they need something you have, which is deeper than a mere want. They will judge what you provide by what it does for them. Does it help them accomplish something? Does it make them feel good about themselves? Does it fit how they want to view themselves? Does it fit the image they wish to project to others?

Focusing on your customers' needs first, and figuring out how you can best fit into their lives with what you have to offer them is the heart of a successful branding and marketing strategy. It delivers what we call authentic experiences. An authentic experience is not a transaction. It is a conversation, a relationship between successful businesses and their customers, to the benefit of both parties. You're speaking with sincerity, respect, honesty and empathy. You're not asking them to open their wallet. They'll do that without a second thought if you meet their needs first.

The stuff we just talked about? That's us. Primal Tribe. We're focused on effective branding and strategy first, developed with research, ideas and insight. When we deliver our targeted array of digital technologies and support, they serve your business goals, not the other way around. We'd be happy to hear what you're trying to do, and how we can help you accomplish it.


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