Benefits of Real Time Customer Service

It’s no secret that today’s consumers have high expectations of businesses, especially when it comes to online interaction. Rapid advancements in the digital marketing realm mean customers have become accustomed to 24/7 service from their favourite brands. In response, live chats and other forms of real-time online communication have become the new staple for communication. Learn why this new trend is worth a look, and how it can help you boost your customer cred without breaking the bank!

Real time customer service isn’t the newest idea on the block, but it is a game changer

Live chats, and other forms of instant communication aren’t an entirely new concept. Helpdesk software like Zendesk and JIRA (to name a couple) have been on the market for some time now. Their real advantage comes in realizing the full potential of the tool at hand.

Benefits to be found include:

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First and foremost, real-time customer service platforms are designed to make life easier for both the client and provider. For customers, the idea of picking up the phone to wait on hold for a representative isn’t overly appealing. Your customer base is on the go, and having the convenience of chatting to someone via text, or being able to submit a request for follow up at a more opportune time is ideal. For businesses, live chats and ticketing systems allow for optimal efficiency; it’s far easier to keep on top of 3-4 chatboxes or emails and keep each customer satisfied than having to operate multiple hold buttons and jump back into several phone conversations that require the same information. When used correctly, customers are left assured that their requests are being handled promptly, and your staff are given ample opportunity to respond without feeling overwhelmed by incoming queries.

Strengthening Trust and Your Reputation

When customers know their voice will be heard and perceive dedication to immediately addressing their concerns, their trust in a brand grows quickly. People like feeling in the know, and in control of how/when they interact with customer service. This is where live chat excels over other forms of customer service. A simple chat box gives the opportunity for consumers to engage with your team in a variety of ways: they can directly ask for help, decide they want more information about a product while on an individual page, or simply minimize the box if they prefer to browse on their own for the time being. In turn, you have a unique window that allows you to view your audience’s customer journey firsthand. Responding to complaints, answering queries, and learning when people would explore without distraction all give you the advantage of being able to learn and adapt to customer behaviours. The more you respond based on the information you receive, the stronger your online clout will become, elevating your reputation in turn.

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Boosted Sales

Finally, one of the most attractive benefits for businesses looking to utilize helpdesk software is increased sales or conversion rates. How? When you consider the above points, it’s an easy correlation to draw. Customers buy from brands they trust, as well as brands that offer relevant solutions to their problems. The right software is designed to provide the best customer experience, no matter what their particular need may be. Being able to engage your audience real time during their sales journey significantly increases your chances of conversion by up to 40%. It also gives you the opportunity to identify and address pain points in the moment as well as long-term, ensuring a consistently strong sales cycle that your customers know they can rely on. All of this leads to returns and continuous sources of information for you to use for your benefit.

While helpdesk software won’t be the best fit for everyone, in many cases it’s worth looking into if you’re searching for a way to keep in tune with and on top of your customer demand. To learn more about fitting customer service into your overall marketing strategy, contact us today!


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