Launch Announcement: Primal Tribe Launches Canadian Master Roofing Website

Oct 19, 2016 |

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Primal Tribe is proud to announce the launch of a new website for Canadian Master Roofing.


Primal Tribe recently took on a partnership with Canadian Master Roofing, and its sister company Urban Contracting, to develop both websites for this Edmonton are contracting company.

Providing Quality Roofing Services in the Edmonton Area

Greg Neudorf has developed experience in construction from a young age, and that's why he began his contracting business Canadian Master Roofing in Edmonton, AB. Since 2004, it has remained a family-run business with his father and brother helping him run the daily operations. Canadian Master Roofing also values attention to detail and relationship-building with their customers.

Rebuilding Canadian Master Roofing's Website

Primal Tribe was hired to launch a new WordPress site for this client, and we made it a mobile responsive design too. Our partnership continues with this client through a traffic generation project that will grow their search engine presence through proper SEO activities and the addition of fresh content to their website.

Take a look at the Canadian Master Roofing website.

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