5 Bad Habits that Waste Your Time and Your Marketing Budget

Are you sabotaging your own marketing campaign? Primal Tribe wants to make you aware and discuss some habits that business owners may have when it comes to planning and running marketing campaigns that will disrupt their chances of success.


If you want your marketing efforts to be successful, you need to ensure your engagement in the entire process and that you are basing your campaign, brand collateral and website on solid information about your business and your customers. Are you committing some of the worst habits that will sabotage your marketing campaign?

Not Knowing Your Customer

You need to have a clearly defined ideal customer (persona) before you should attempt any marketing activities, or you run a high risk that they will be ineffective. You should collect as much information about your current customers that buy from your business. Consider if your current customers are your ideal customer and demographic and can target these people if you are not attracting them.


Not Knowing Your Business

If you don't know what your business stands for, how will your customers? You need a strong, consistent marketing message about your company's core mission, the value of your products or service and the experience they will encounter with your company. Through comprehensive branding strategy, consistent brand collateral and regular content marketing you accomplish your marketing goals.




Not Knowing Your Goals

Your business should set the direction and goals for your marketing activities. They need to be realistic and measurable; then it is much simpler to strategize the best way to achieve them. Metrics can be set up in Google Analytics (or other monitoring software) to track your goals and help you determine if you need to change strategies on your website or campaign.


Not Using Marketing Automation

If your marketing and sales team are utilizing their time on routine (but important) activities such as sending content offers, thank you e-mails and managing sales funnel spreadsheets; this could be an area where you can save yourself some precious time and money. You can now obtain many online tools to help you automatically manage these tasks and free up your team to make human connections with customers.


Not Listening and Responding to Data

Your business should always evolve and regularly try new marketing tactics. If you don't, your customers will find a business that responds to their needs more efficiently. You should use a professional digital marketing agency to launch new marketing campaigns and give serious consideration to recommendations that are backed up by monitoring data.


  • Focus groups
  • A/B testing
  • Google Analytics

Don't be a business owner that takes a haphazard approach to marketing. Avoid these bad habits that will squander your own time and marketing budget by being more proactive and implementing solutions by working with a professional digital marketing agency.


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